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With 60+ years of experiences, Unison professional team provides high quality, trustworthy and professional services to worldwide customers.

Unison professional team has extensive knowledge and skills in the medical device industry, delivering superior high-end quality medical device installation services.

Unison professional team performs effective diagnosis of breakdowns in order to ensure timely repair of medical devices. This will maximize the device availability and minimize unplanned downtimes.

Unison professional team applies specific technical and professional skills as required to support expediting issues quickly to minimize downtime for rapidly evolved medical device industry to provide the highest quality customer care.

Unison professional team analyzes and processes certificate changes in compliance with relevant regulations and applications related to the radiation equipment operation. Such as, to ensure certificate validity, documentation accuracy to make sure our customer’s equipments is kept in accordance to regulatory requirements.

Unison professional team can also assist in providing total solution and assistance in the removal of all medical equipment/devices whilst staying in compliance with hospital decommissioning regulations and/or national laws and regulation.

Our team looks forward to serving all of your needs!