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Unison Service Control Center (USCC in short) provides single point of contact window for customer, as well as, USCC can also monitor and record all service activities.

USCC has a 24/7 Customer Service Call Center to handle all enquiries.

For quality customer services, USCC provides single point of contact for all enquiries per account which enables prompt response and high quality customized service to resolve and fulfill your enquiries.

High-end medical equipment is highly sensitive and condition is easily influenced by temperature and humidity. In ensuring that the equipments are running in high efficiency and with low failure rate. Unison developed a remote real-time environmental monitoring system which 24/7 monitors the status of equipment room. Should indicator exceed the set point; the system will notify relevant personnel immediately and in timely manner personnels will ensure the equipment is back up and running in its optimal condition.

With 60+ years in medical equipment industry, Unison is known as the expertise for installation, process management, supply chain management, with real-time environmental monitoring capability. Unison has featured 95% guaranteed up-time service for all contracted devices for better patient safety.

System status reports are compiled annually to Unison's contracted customers with the reports providing detailed equipment status information on their equipments.

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